The Thai authorities require a certificate of capacity to marry for the union of a foreigner with a Thai national. This document is issued by the department of civil status of the Embassy of foreigner after making a record. (See documents required)

The future spouses must always stand together for the filing of the record and for interview.

The Embassy will proceed with the publication of banns on its premises and if a similar publication will be made in the town hall of residence of the foreigner future spouse (This requires a delay of approximately 6 weeks).

At the end of the period of these publications, the certificate of capacity to marry, valid for one year, is given to the intending spouses.

This document must be legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs before being delivered to the registrar of Thailand where the marriage will be.
(Address of Department: 123 rue Chaengwatthana, Laksi – Bangkok)

After the marriage celebrated, to enable the Embassy to transcribe the marriage on the books of the foreigner registry, the couple must submit the following documents:

– Copy of marriage certificate (not to be confused with the marriage certificate), certified by the
Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– Translation of this document made by a translator approved by the Embassy.

Within a period of about a week, the civil service of the Embassy will issue the couple a foreigner family book and full copies of the marriage. These documents must necessarily be produced in support of a visa application for the establishment in France of the spouse of foreign nationality.


Future spouse of French nationality
1. full copy of birth certificate issued within the last 3 months

2. justification for the foreigner

3. foreigner national identity card valid (secure model)
certificate of French nationality or registered copy of a statement
acquisition of French nationality or certified copy of certificate of naturalization or reinstatement in foreigner nationality (passport is not a
proof of nationality)

4. in case of widowhood, full copy of the death certificate of previous spouse

5. proof of address (bill, tax notice, certificate from the hosting …)

6. documents supporting the profession and the monthly income
(Pay slips, tax assessment on income, statements of the employer)

7. on plain paper indicating the name and address of two people
around you, living in foreign at different addresses (members of the
family, friends, work colleagues …)

8. presentation of a passport
Future spouse of foreign nationality
1. birth certificate *

2. if applicable, and documentation of / for change (s) name
and / or name in life *

3. in case of divorce, a copy of divorce decree *

4. in case of widowhood, a copy of the death certificate of previous spouse *

5. Certificate of Celibacy dated issued for less than 3 months *

6. proof of address *

7. copy of identity card *

8. copy of passport
Common documents
1. information relating to the future husband

2. information about the bride

3. information common to the bride and groom

4. where applicable, complete copies of birth certificates foreigner
children of the couple

5. where applicable, copy of marriage contract before a notary
* All documents prepared in foreign languages ​​must be translated into foreigner language by a
translator accredited by the embassy


The text above can be used in any official text.
Thai laws are written in Thai and only one official translation may be valid.
Thai laws are constantly changing and the text below for information purposes only.
For more accurate and effective informations, please contact the Thai Authorities.

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