The Department of Public Welfare (Department of Social Thais) is empowered to give a child for adoption. Other agencies such as the Thai Red Cross, or the Pattaya Orphanage were also empowered to give children, but the file must be submitted to the Department of Public Welfare for the final agreement, which lengthens the process.

Child Adoption Center 255 Rajavithi Road
Bangkok 10400 Thailand

Thai adoptable children are orphaned and are generally between 2 and 5 years (never less than a year). It is not possible to ask more than one child at a time except for siblings. A new application must be made up later, if a couple wishes to adopt a second or third child. The authorities of the Department of Public Welfare are sovereign in their decision to grant or deny a child to adopt. The Embassy out of Thailand can not intervene in this decision, nor in the action being taken to expedite the matter.

Are excluded from the possibility of adopting a child in Thailand:

Single people (men or women).
Unmarried couples (man or common-law).
Those aged under 25.
Couples who do not meet the requirements
to adopt out of Thailand.
Couples not residing in France.
Constitution of the record of adoption:

A list of documents for the establishment of adoption records will be provided by the Royal Thai Embassy.
The case once constituted, must be passed by the DASS by airmail to the Department of Public Welfare.

This service will transmit to his embassy. This will send the Department of Public Welfare a statement in which it undertakes to issue a visa facility out of Thailand to the adopted child.

When the adoption file is accepted, you will be sent through the social services, biography and photograph of the child chosen by the orphanage, and you must give your consent directly to the Department of Public Welfare, or fax: 94 00662247 or 80 00662247 50 84 or by letter in English.

A schedule of meetings of the Committee, will be sent through the DDASS to pick up the child in Bangkok. It will be necessary to inform the Department of Public Welfare by telegram or fax the date you stopped.

The Department of Public Welfare will facilitate the provision of necessary travel documents of the child. Adoptive parents are responsible for the expenses of his journey.

At the end of the pre-adoption out of Thailand, after the approval of the Thai Ministry of the Interior, the couple must come to register the adoption at the Royal Thai Embassy to the Department of Public Welfare to close the adoption file.


The text above can be used in any official text.
Thai laws are written in Thai and only one official translation may be valid.
Thai laws are constantly changing and the text below for information purposes only.
For more accurate and effective informations, please contact the Thai Authorities.

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