The overstay (exceeding the permitted length) will cost 500 baht per day of delay, to pay the immigration service when you exit. The maximum fine is 20,000 baht. Children under 7 are not affected by the overstay.

One day of overstay is not payable by the second day against you must pay the fine (day 1 + days). Payment is cash only and you must be in possession of a ticket to leave the country. As long as you do not pay the fine and in possession of a ticket you will be imprisoned at the immigration office. The Consulate of your country will not advance you money but will inform your family and people you have communicated their contact information.

If you made ​​the subject of a police check while you overstay you will be imprisoned and then deported after paying your fine and costs of detention. You may also be included on the “black list” will permanently prohibit the entry into Thailand.


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