There are two types of car insurance in Thailand:

1 / The compulsory insurance PO.LO.BO

You are given a sticker that you put in the top left on your windshield. At roadside checks, you must also submit the certificate of insurance to police officers.

Thailand is the vehicle that is insured regardless of the driver. Insurance limit to a single driver can reduce the insurance premium.

Rate of compulsory insurance:
323 baht per year for up to 125cc two-wheel
430 baht per year for two wheels 125cc 150cc
648 baht per year for two wheels over 150cc
648 baht per year for cars
968 baht per year for the pick-up
Insurance coverage required:

All persons designated as third parties, and the driver considered to be within his rights are covered on a provisional basis:

Ceiling support for the driver:

15,000 baht per person for injuries
35,000 baht per person for death or amputation
Ceiling support for third parties:

50,000 baht per person for injuries
100,000 baht per person for death or amputation
In all cases 5 million baht maximum per accident.

Coverage for the driver at fault – only on a provisional basis

2 / The voluntary insurance

There are three classes of voluntary insurance in Thailand is similar to our full insurance, third party fire and theft-thirds.

1st Class (all risks)
You are covered for any type of accident, whether you are at fault or not, with or without identified third party.

2nd class
You are covered for damage caused to third parties. You get a lump sum if your vehicle is damaged in a fire or stolen.

3rd Class More
You are covered only for damage to third parties and you receive a lump sum if your vehicle is damaged.
There are other things you should consider to be well covered:

Caution: Allow a minimum of 200,000 baht coverage. This is essential if arrested by the police.

Personal injury: Allow a minimum of 100,000 baht per person coverage.

Medical Expenses: provide a minimum of 100,000 baht coverage.

In case of accident call immediately to the insurance that will send an expert on site. Do not move vehicles until his arrival or that of the police and only on their order after they materialized on the ground the location of vehicles and bodies.

There is a bonus for drivers reporting no loss can reduce the insurance premium from 10 to 50%.


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Thai laws are constantly changing and the text below for information purposes only.
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