This temple is famous in part for the mummified body of Loung Por Ruam Buddhist monk, who is here in a glass box. The revered monk was prepared to be exposed to public view until his death 25 years ago, and his body remained in remarkable condition. Follow Route 4170 south from Ban Saket, then turn right between the giant statues of elephants and look for the temple 1km further on your right.

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Laem sor pagoda

This pagoda (chedi) beautifully decorated stands on the rocks along the water on the area of ​​Wat Laem Sor. Covered with countless small yellow tiles, it appears to be gold from a distance. It is located at the southern end of the island in 4170 back from the road between Ban Tale and Ban Pang […]

Wat samui

A very quiet temple on the central road of Samui. Even though many temples are alike, each has its own personality and history. The houses next to the monks of the temples are often of interest, some of which are old style. The place is usually very quiet, unless there is a ceremony or a […]

Wat silangu

Supposedly containing a relic of Lord Buddha, the temple facing the entrance of the temple is a popular place of worship. Many traveling shows and even TV stars sometimes use the area visit the temple for their performances. Silangu Wat is located on Route 4169, 1km south of Hin Ta / Hin Yai beach side.

The coral buddha

Formerly one of Samui’s main attractions, this small dilapidated statue is most visited by Buddhist followers. Although in poor condition, “the Coral Buddha” is still revered and is a place of worship for the monks of the temple of Wat Sumret nearby. The only indication is a faded sign on the roadside, easy to miss […]

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