Chaweng on the east coast, is certainly the most popular beaches. It attracts young travelers as much as families with many hotels for all budgets. Its large 7 km long beach is covered with fine white sand. It is bordered by a turquoise waters and a coral reef closed by two small green islands. The sea is calm and shallow, and the islands are easily accessible, the smallest foot, giving the most perfect opportunity to take a ride in a kayak, without of course forgetting his mask and fins. We recommend wearing sandals or shoes to get there, the sand is made ​​of coral, and protect yourself from the sun!

The central part of the beach is a little more populated than the north, which is usually quieter (but beautiful). Many vendors spend, on their shoulders drinks, fruits, ice creams and typical Thai dishes if you feel brave enough. You will be surprised to see Thai women wear extremely heavy pots, usually to serve lunch to the Thais working on the beach ...

Chaweng beachThe beach is generally available through the hotels because there is little direct input and no road along the seafront, which avoids disturbing the peace of the place usually quiet, but can become very crowded at the height of the season. The water is very clean and welcoming, around 25 to 28 degrees ... a dream.

Parallel to the beach, about 7 km or more, you will find a large concentration of restaurants, bars, shops and souvenir stalls, and of course the ubiquitous fast food and grocery stores open 24/24.

You will easily find a wide variety of hotels to meet all budgets, from luxurious bungalow at the hotels, all within a few minutes walk from the "center".

For a quiet evening, there are many bars and restaurants on the beach, with superb views of the Gulf. The gourmet will find a wide variety of cuisine, whether Thai or Western, and some seafood restaurant there are made ​​an excellent reputation. Despite some frantic activity in it recently developed Chaweng has kept a fairly standard image tropical and pleasant.

KayakingYou will discover in front of the hotel one of the most popular water sports and easy: the Kayaking. You can then access the two nearby islands with or without a guide, even for the most distant of the two. Do not forget to rent mask and fins because the coral reef on the ocean side home to numerous species of tropical fish.

Other activities are available around the center of the beach, in Samui Ocean Sports, with two catamarans and a few surfboards. The wind is generally better on this part of the island from December to February, excellent for beginners who can also take lessons. Indeed, the bay is shallow and there is never a problem to return to the beach by walking! For windsurfers, the wind gets stronger just before the rains or early morning and is scheduled outside the reef.

After spending all your energy in water activities, why not take advantage of the famous traditional Thai massage under the palm roofs of many "salas" (small wooden huts) available everywhere along the beach. They offer almost every manicure, pedicure, hair braiding and other body care simple. It is well known that the best masseuses are usually older, but many gentlemen who prefer youth and beauty to efficiency!

Enjoy a wide selection of bars with bands and groups, sometimes playing traditional Thai music but mostly rock and reggae, with some open until late.

Soi Green MangoOne of the most popular and oldest is the "Green Mango Square" is one of the two hot spots in the area. You will discover the charming bars with girls and other girls or are not really what they claim to be. Some offer a few shows a little warm, but nothing really extreme ... just to avoid taking the kids! The other area bars is located on the peninsula of the lake just behind the main street on the way well-known "Reggae Pub" which is a fairly large wooden building where the original and play concerts almost every night . Although not too far off, it is better to go in Songtaew (local taxi).

Traffic can be quite intense and difficult, especially after dark. We recommend that you drive very carefully and observe the cars and motorcycles around you, most accidents are due to inattention, especially after a night a little too watered!

ShoppingTravel agencies and Tour offices bloom everywhere along the streets, as well as Internet cafes whose prices vary. Many shops sell copies of famous brands more or less successful, as "Louis Vuttion" (you read that right), watches and glasses seems to be the most popular items. Lots of CDs, DVDs and Video games are on sale for great prices, but of course you are not supposed to buy them! ... Finally, up to you. Some shops sell beautiful handicrafts and from the north of Thailand, and more and more articles in import mode (true these, therefore more expensive). Many paint shops reproduce famous paintings ... sometimes very successful, sometimes less, and can even take orders and you send them personal. Some artists can reproduce your photo to perfection. The tailors are also very popular: in 24 hours, get to an Armani suit or a dress Chanel for a great price (prices are often displayed, but always haggle!). In short, hours and hours of shopping in store!

In recent years, the "foot massages" have developed in an extraordinary way and are a good way to relax after shopping. You can find one every 50 meters, from the simplest (usually three chairs in an empty room behind glass right on the street) to the establishment in elegant and sophisticated but more expensive. If you've never tried it, treat yourself, you will come back! Most also offer traditional massage complete.

Chaweng BeachDinner is one of the highlights of the day, with over a wide range of local specialties, seafood and continental. Most hotels have excellent restaurants open to the public, serving little or no spicy food if you are a little sensitive. Others propose to dine sitting on cushions in a small sala for 4 people (small wooden hut open on 4 sides) right on the beach, with consequently a breathtaking view of the bay and a feeling of exotic vacations to none. Many bars are installing small mattress that will allow you to finish the evening with a romantic cocktail ... but do not forget your mosquito repellent.

Taxi songtaewThe best way to get from one point to another is certainly Songtaew, car pick-up red bordeaux that honks every 20 meters. Price may vary depending on distance and the mood of the driver. You can try the motorcycle taxis, easily recognizable by their yellow or pink jacket adorned with a number. It can carry two passengers ... sometimes three. An original experience.

If you have rented a car and are not used to driving methods Thai, you'll soon find out that lead, especially parking, can be a difficult exercise. Renting a bike is often the best way to travel around the island or enjoy the night. They look like motorcycles and are very easy to drive, but they are however much more powerful. You will find easy to rent everywhere. To rent a car, make sure you have either an international license or your car license and national passport. Remember to wear your headphones or put your belt on the one hand because the law requires it (even if it does not seem very respected), secondly because it not really be necessary, Samui with a particularly high accident rate. The big bikes can be rented, the price depending on model.

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