Malaysian octogenarian tourist dies at the hands of Thai massage lady

Police were called to a hotel in Sadao just across the border from Malaysia after reports that a tourist had died during a massage. 

Pol Lt Thanatsak of the Sadao police found an 80 year old Malaysian man dead. He was face up in bed and clothed in a t-shirt and brown shorts. 

Staff at the hotel said that he had checked in and ordered a massage in his room. 

As soon as the masseuse got to work he went into shock and subsequently died. 

Police found no suspicious circumstances and put the death down to old age and pre-existing medical issues. 

However, an autopsy was ordered at Padang Besar Hospital to determine the exact cause of death. 

Relatives have been informed. 

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National park chief hunting Chinese “urchin bashing” tourists

National Park officials in southern Thailand are hunting a group of Chinese tourists after they took several urchins out of the sea. 

They then bashed them and left them on the beach on Adang-Rawee Island in the Tarutao National Park.

Park chief Kanchanaphan Khamhaeng said there were signs in many languages including Chinese to leave the aquatic life alone. 

A police report was filed. The Chinese face a fine of between 5,000 and 50,000 baht. 

Kanchanaphan said that cases like this were always followed up. He thanked an environmentalist called Somsak, 38, for bringing it to the attention of the authorities. 


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Thai exports for April fall to the lowest level in 24 months

Thailand’s exports in April fell 2.57% to US$18.5 billion – the lowest since May 2017. 

The fall is being blamed on the intensifying trade war between the United States and China, according to Ms. Pimchanok Wornkhorporn, Director of the trade policy and strategy office at the Ministry of Commerce.

Imports in April also dropped by 0.72% to about US$20 billion, resulting in a trade deficit of about US$1.5 billion, she said, adding that Thailand’s total exports for the first four months of this year amounted to US$80.5 billion, representing a 1.86% contraction compared to imports of U$79.9 billion, a  1.08% drop.

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Thai film industry in the world’s market

The Thai Government has been putting effort into promoting the film and video industry, as one of the branches of a creative economy able to build economic value for the country.

A strategic plan to promote the film and video industry is being followed by the Government of Thailand; right now we are entering the 3rd stage, which consists of

-developing human resources for the industry

-promoting and developing the market

-promoting and protecting the intellectual property of film and video

-promoting cooperation in international investment in film making, developing movie-making services located in Thailand, and promoting the capability of the film and video industry

Enabling the entrepreneurs to attend such internationally important events as the Cannes Film Festival, is a way to attract international movie makers or investors to cooperate with Thai film production companies. Moreover, Thai companies offering movie-making services and location-finding services are also among the businesses that the Thai government tries to promote in foreign countries.

According to the Ministry of Culture, in 2018, 714 international films were shot in Thailand, generating income of around 98 million US dollars. The Top three countries coming to making films in Thailand are the US, India and China

The categories of international films or videos shot in Thailand, are




-TV Programmes

and music videos

Besides introducing Thai entrepreneurs to the foreign market, the Thai government has also issued incentives for foreign filmmakers to shoot their films in Thailand by offering a tax incentive of 15%, along with other privileges if employing Thai actors. The filmmakers are offered 3% of the incentive if utilizing Thai-based film shooting equipment, and if the films promote a good image of Thailand, there is another incentive of 2%.

All incentives offered are part of the strategy to make Thailand the center of the film and video industry of ASEAN and an important destination for the industry in the world’s movie making market.

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Benz woman in hot water after applying for new licence to avoid traffic fines

The Pak Chong Department of Land Transport were displeased when they found out that a woman who reported her licence was stolen was found out to be lying. 

They went to police to report Cholakorn Kaewwinsaeng after they became aware that she claimed on Facebook to say that she had been charged over the top for fines because she was a Mercedes Benz driver. 

The DLT say she was lying to them to get a new licence in an effort to avoid paying fines. 

Capt Preecha Meephiw of the Nong Sarai constabulary was told that Cholakorn went to the DLT to say she had lost her licence in Bangkok. It was valid until July 2023 and she was believed and given a replacement after paying 105 baht. 

Then came the Facebook post in which the woman said that fines of 300 and 500 were not good enough for the police – they wanted to charge her 1,000 baht……because she had a fancy car. 

Police will be issuing a summons for the Benz driver, as she was called in the Thai Rath story, for giving false information in pursuance of obtaining a document. 

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Call for tourist limit on Koh Lan to solve garbage issue

An independent environmental health expert has called for the number of visitors to Koh Lan in Chon Buri to be less than 5,000 per day to tackle the overwhelming garbage problem.

Sonthi Kotchawat, in his Facebook post on Thursday, also said that tour operators should transport their customers garbage back to the mainland.

As well, Sonthi said the island authority should strictly impose a regulation against littering on the beach and a limit should be imposed on the number of restaurants, resorts and accommodations.

“The atmosphere at the island’s Ta Waen Beach resembles that of a disaster refugee camp … Large umbrellas mushroom all over the beach …,” he said. 

Koh Lan has about 4.7 square kilometres of space and a population of  4,000. The population doubles, however, when combined with the number of unregistered residents. There are some 1,500 rooms for tourist accommodation, he said. 

Normally the number of visitors stands at more than 3,000 people per day – while that leaps to 10,000-15,000 people during a holiday, he said. 

“There are 50,000 tonnes of garbage accumulated on the island pending disposal, sending a foul smell … Each day, 30-50 tonnes of garbage are produced, mostly from shops, restaurants, resorts and home-stays. 

“Pattaya City workers bring up to 35 tonnes of garbage per day from Koh Lan back to the mainland for disposal, hence about 20 tonnes is left piling up there,” he said.

Even with the planned construction of two garbage incinerators (each with a capacity to dispose 25 tonnes a day), the island will still be overwhelmed by trash that will take more than five years to remove, he said.

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Tragic Phoenix goes up for auction

The double-decker cruise boat Phoenix, which sank off Phuket last July killing 47 Chinese tourists, is among 48 items that the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) will auction off on Wednesday at its head office in Bangkok.

 Many of the dead were retrieved from the boat, though its crew and captain escaped unharmed via life rafts. The incident was followed by a sharp fall in Chinese visitors to Thailand. 

On Tuesday, prospective buyers were allowed to check the condition of the sale items at various sites. Those interested in the Phoenix, which will carry a starting price of Bt900,000, had to visit the Rattanachai Shipyard in Phuket. Also up for auction are amulets and jewellery which were on display at the AMLO head office. Photos and information on auction items are also available at

Other items going under the hammer on Wednesday include the lease-purchase agreements for condominium units in Chon Buri province. Among them is a 71.23-square-metre unit at the New Nordic’s Palace Condominium with a starting price of Bt13 million, 55sqm N-CVB-407 room at the C-View Boutique Condominium project starting at Bt4.4 million and a 30sqm room at the South Point Pattaya (Bt3 million).

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Private hospital in trouble for charging Bt30,000 for diarrhoea

A PRIVATE hospital is in hot waters for charging a patient Bt30,000 for a simple stomach infection.

A source at the Internal Trade Department revealed yesterday that a review of the medical bill suggests the price charged was unreasonable. 

“The hospital will be asked to explain,” the source said. 

According to the source, the complaint was filed via the Internal Trade Department’s 1569 hotline.

In January, the Cabinet approved a resolution to control the prices of medical supplies and services amid loud cries of opposition from private hospitals. 

The source added that the private hospital in question can face legal punishment if it is unable to provide a reasonable explanation for the unreasonably high bill. 

“From our examination of the bill, it is clear that the hospital has subjected the patient to over-treatment with many items that in fact might not have been necessary,” the source said. 

If convicted, the hospital/its executive will face up to seven years in jail and/or a fine of Bt140,000. 

The source added that the Internal Trade Department has summoned the management of 70 out of 353 private hospitals for a discussion on why the price of medicines they sell are three to nine times higher than market prices. 

In a related development, a rule is now being drafted to require private hospitals and medicine manufacturers/importers/distributors to declare their selling prices on the Internal Trade Department’s website.

“The draft will be completed soon as Deputy Commerce Minister Chutima Bunyapraphasara is expected to sign it before the end of this week,” a source said. 

This rule will take affect only after it is promulgated in the Royal Gazette. 

Sources said affected entrepreneurs are not happy with this regulation and plan to petition the Central Administrative Court. 

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“Happy” the drink driving monk tells cops he thought the alcohol was “medicine”

Police in Chaiyaphum in Thailand’s north east mounted a search after locals reported a man in saffron robes was driving erratically in the area. 

A checkpoint mounted by the Phukhiaw constabulary soon had the drunk monk in custody.

He was Phra Suksan (happy) Kanyen from Khon Kaen who said he was going to see his ex wife in Chaiyaphum.

He was a bit belligerent at first – as shown in a Thai Rath video – but in the end he went quietly to his defrocking. 

He was found to have 158 mg of alcohol in his blood – well over the limit. 

Regarding the alcohol he claimed: “I thought it was medicine – they told me it was medicine”.

This resulted in a few chuckles from the arresting officers who then asked: “OK…was it Lao Khao or Lao Dong?” (two kinds of potent spirit enjoyed by mostly country folk).

“”Ya Dong,” he said. “It made my face go red”.

He claimed he took the “medication” to “help his food go down”. 

The police charged him with drunk driving. 

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Jomtien’s Black Sea: Sticking a plaster on a gaping wound!

A picture on the Manager site showed what the authorities had done so far to stop more repulsive black sludge from flowing into the sea. 

Sandbags blocking a drain. 

It amounted to sticking a plaster on a gaping wound, notes Thaivisa. 

The authorities admitted there was much to be done to find a permanent solution to the problem that saw damning videos and still photography all over social media.

The Jomtien area was a black sea of sludge – a very unwelcome sight for any tourist considering holidaying in the area. 

While an initial clean up has been done – and the hole has been plugged for now – the authorities in Jomtien and the wider area of Pattaya are wondering what exactly to do next. 

It could be months before anything happens with millions needing to be spent. 

Thaivisa further notes that the story is beset with recriminations and all manner of plans to rectify the situation.

Effluent and trash flowing directly into the sea has been the subject of continuing complaints in the area for years.

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