Arrest warrants issued for five more Bangkok bombing suspects

The Criminal Court on Thursday issued arrest warrants for five more suspects for their alleged involvement in the simultaneous bomb and arson attacks in Bangkok on August 2.

The five were identified as Manuden Samah, Muhammadadilan Saleh, Ariff Maseng, Sulkiflee Masameng and Ropae-ing Useng, who are now wanted under arrest warrants Nos 1425/2562, 1426/2562, 1427/2562, 1428/2562 and 1429/2562 respectively.

Police presented evidences against them to the court Thursday and obtained the warrants.

They stand accused of being members of an unlawful syndicate and collaborating to carry out or tell others to carry out terror attacks, attempting to and having launched bomb attacks to harm others and damage others’ properties.

Earlier, police investigators have obtained arrest warrants against 13 other suspects. The suspects who are still at large have been identified as:

1 ) Ammari Maming

2 ) Assamee Abuwae

3 ) Ussaman Pohlor

4 ) Mayaki Malasing

5 ) Sattha Ahwae

6 ) Ussaman Jehteh

7 ) Sukree Duraman

8 ) Hakeem Punyung

9 ) Hasae Baeloh

10 ) Nassaru Maprasit

11 ) Ussaman Lateh

12 ) Hasan Ahwae

13 ) Mayusoh Hayisamah.

Police investigators earlier arrested three suspects, namely Lu-ai Saengae, Wildun Maha, and Muhammadilhum Sa-i.

Lu-ai and Wildun were arrested on board a bus in Chumphon early on August 2 after the bombs they allegedly planted in front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters were detected on August 1 and were safely disabled.

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Rogue elephant faces transfer after demolishing convenience store

A wild elephant in the area of the Kaeng Krachan national park is facing a fate usually reserved for corrupt Thai officials. 

A transfer. 

On Wednesday night “Bunmee” popped into a convenience store in Huay Sat Yai and demolished it. 

The locals have been complaining about the pachyderm’s antics for years but they might have expected it – Huay Sat Yai can be translated as “The Creek of Large Animals”. 

Yesterday Hua Hin district chief Thanon Phanpheephat went with a large entourage of officials to see the shop owner Thanita and three other home owners who suffered damage at the hands of “Bunmee” who locals call by the more disparaging name of “Ai Duan”.

The Bloomin’ Amputee. 

Thanon is in touch with the park chief and other officials to look into a transfer for the elephant who has damaged things like durian trees and even threatened motorists on the roads.

They are now looking for a suitable “inactive post” where Bunmee will cause less trouble. 

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Phuket most tourists per square mile in world, says report

With 9.29 million visitors per year, an average of 25,452 visitors per day, Phuket has the highest number of visitors per square mile per day than any other tourist destination in the world, according to a new report released by specialist travel insurance intermediary Columbus Direct.

“Known for having some of the world’s most picturesque beaches, hanging palm trees and lively atmosphere, Phuket offers something for everyone on all budgets, attracting over 9.2 million tourists each year – and with just over 380,000 people living there, it’s clear to see that tourists keep the holiday destination alive,” said a Columbus Direct release announcing the news.

With 5,090 tourists per square mile, Phuket outpaced in second-placed Palma de Mallorca, which recorded 2,918 visitors per square mile each day, said the report.

Pattaya ranked third with 2,762 visitors per square mile each day, ahead of Paris, France (1,174 visitors per sq mile) and Barcelona (605)..

Bangkok receives the highest number of tourists in the world overall at a whopping 20,050,000 – more than 10 million more than Phuket, the report added.

However, due to its size, the Thai capital receives just 91 tourists per square mile, Columbus Direct noted.

London receives the second-highest number of international visitors in the world (19.83 million) and placed send in the tourist-density rankings with 89 tourists per square mile, the report added.

Stuart Lloyd, Travel Insurance Expert at Columbus Direct said, “It is great to see the popularity of some of the world’s most cultural and historic cities, with millions of tourists travelling across the globe to visit them each year. Tourism is hugely important for all major cities across the globe, particularly for those where there is a high density of international visitors per square mile.

“As for Phuket and Pattaya, it brings these destinations to life and gives them their famous name of being a top holiday location and a place with a lively atmosphere for people to have a good time,” he said.

“London is the second most visited city in the world overall – it is interesting that despite these enormous visiting figures, it holds one of the fewest tourists per square mile. With a variety of sites to see dotted across our capital, tourists have endless opportunities to explore and feel what it’s like to be a true Londoner,” he added.

In conducting its analysis, Columbus Direct used the total number of international visitors from Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index and divided that number by 365 to reveal how many visitors there were per day.

The study assumed a one night stay for each visitor.

“We then used wikipedia to find out the city area size of each city and divided the total number of tourists per day by the city size to reveal how many tourists there are per square mile per day,” explained the release.

The report invited readers to view the data here.

See the full research findings here.
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TM30: Government secretary promises action within two months

Deputy government secretary Kobsak Pootrakool has promised to sort out problems associated with TM30 within the next two months. 

TM30 is the contentious issue of foreigners having to report their whereabouts within 24 hours of arriving at a destination not mentioned on their visa documents. 

Fines and refusals to extend visas are the consequences of failing to report. 

Kobsak, who attended high level meetings last week in an effort to resolve matters, indicated to Daily News that work was ongoing on the matter that was a priority along with other obstacles to investors and operators in the tourist sector. 

He said that he had talked with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and that other ministerial level meetings with all concerned would be held to resolve the TM30 issue. 

Announcements of the end of the TM6 form and a new app for TM 30 reporting have merely served to stoke the fire this week, notes Thaivisa. 

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Tourism ministry: World economy to blame for Thailand’s tourism woes

A top official at the Thai Ministry for Tourism and Sports told a business meeting in Hua Hin that the world economy was to blame for Thailand’s lack of tourists. 

Panya Hanlamyuang pointed the finger at the ongoing trade spat between the US and China. 

He said that this was discouraging investment in Thailand and elsewhere in the ASEAN tourism sector. 

World “fluctuations” were causing “contractions” he told a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Talk News Online did not report a single problem regarding tourism as having originated because of Thailand’s actions or policies. 

Instead Panya ended on a positive note saying that Hua Hin should be ready for high season. 

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New Samui Beach Volleyball Venue Opens!

Koh Samui has a new Beach Volleyball court on the island! Island and visiting players are excited to learn a brand new beach volleyball court has been built and is now open for players.

The new court opened September 18, 2019 at a beautiful site conveniently located next to the full service beachfront restaurant, ‘Bistro Samui’.

Cord Biggs of the Samui Beach Volleyball group reported, “The court is free of charge and available to the general public daily from 7am – 7pm. However, please note the court is reserved for advance doubles daily between 4pm – 6pm.”

Built by the Beach Volleyball Koh Samui volunteer group, the location between Buco Restaurant and Bistro Samui Restaurant in Chaweng Noi may be viewed at

Cord expressed a huge ‘Thank you’ on behalf of all volleyball players to Bistro Samui Restaurant and Khun Komson, Khun Khajohn and Khun Somyot of the Synergy/La Vida group for donating the land for the volleyball volunteers to build the court.

“The building of the new venue was also made possible by donations (local and International) from our wonderful island and global beach volleyball community”.

To learn more about Samui’s beach volleyball group go to:

Photo credit: Koh Samui Beach Volleyball Club               

Media Contact:

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Track and a new trophy ready for PTT Thailand Grand Prix

PTT Oil and Retail Business PCL (PTTOR) announced on Wednesday (September 18) that the trophy “incorporates the spirit of Thainess with MotoGP, showcasing the pride of Thai people to the rest of the world”.

The Grand Prix, billed as a world-class motorsport championship, takes place from October 4-6 at the Chang International Circuit in Buri Ram and is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of fans from around the region.

It’s the second motorcycling Grand Prix that Thailand has hosted.

The ministry, Sports Authority, Buri Ram Provincial Administration Organisation, PTTOR, Department of Land Transport, Thai Beverage, AP Honda, Thai Yamaha Motor, Siam Commercial Bank, Grab Taxi (Thailand), Plan B Media and Chang International Circuit all declared their readiness to host the event.

The trophy’s design retains a resemblance to ornate temple doors, symbolising Thailand’s warm invitation to first-time visitors.

This year it also embodies the identity of Buri Ram. The base mimics stone with the colours and texture of laterite, which was used in building Phanom Rung Stone Castle, whose likeness is carved into the MotoGP chequered pattern.

The top of the base follows the unique track outline of Chang International Circuit. Beautiful Thai numerals engraved on the trophy were inspired by Thai flowers, expressing the thrill of victory for the champion.

“Last week a team inspected the readiness of the racetrack, as well as the telecom infrastructure for land, air and rail. I can reassure everyone that Thailand is 100 per cent ready to host the MotoGP PTT Thailand Grand Prix 2019,” said Gongsak Yodmani, governor of the Sports Authority.

“To accommodate the hundreds of thousands of fans flocking to Buri Ram, we have raised standards to maximise convenience across the board. This year the airport has been revamped with improved concrete runways, additional taxiways, weapons scanning system, improved baggage handling and wheelchair ramps.

“There are no concerns over the racetrack because the management team is highly experienced in world-class motorsport events,” Gongsak said. “They listened to the feedback from fans and turned problems into solutions. I also visited the OTOP Ban Nonsawan Village Homestay in Ban Dan district, which joined in the effort to help improve accommodations for the fans. The locals are ready to welcome guests with open arms and will create a lasting friendly impression on them.”

Buri Ram Governor Teerawat Wuttikhun said its citizens will be proud to welcome the fans from around the world.

“The accommodation has been well prepared so that tourists can enjoy the highest level of convenience and comfort without difficult commutes. Food and beverages are ready and well-stocked. Transportation is one of our main priorities and we are closely communicating with the airport and a network of hotels to ensure the most comprehensive service.

“We have prepared comprehensive tourist data and distributed it in many areas. We also coordinated with the traffic police to make sure the flow will be smooth and comfortable.”

Jiraporn Khaosawas, CEO and managing director of PTTOR, said the first Grand Prix was a major success and his firm was “glad to continue” its role.

Tanaisiri Chanvittayarom, managing director of Chang International Circuit, said the track is in top condition.

“We have received advice from the Federation of International Motorcycling as well as feedback from spectators, which we applied to make improvements from the first time we hosted the race. The side stands are stronger, safer and more convenient and now offer better views of the action. I am confident that attendees will enjoy the incredible spectacle from every vantage point.”

A key highlight beyond the race itself is the entertainment booked.

Top bands including Mild and Potato will be performing at Chang Music Connection on October 4, followed the next night by the Muay Thai Expo and match-ups between Sangmanee Sathian Muaythai Gym and Rafi Singpatong, and Kularb Dum Sor Jor Piak U-Thai against Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon. On October 6, rapper Golf F Hero will perform.

There will be more than 100 promotional booths as well.‬

A limited number of tickets including to the side stands and the Expo Zone are already on sale at all 7-Eleven stores and via ‪

Admission is Bt200 per day. With a VIP Pass or tickets to the grandstand, side stands, Rossi’s stand or Marquez’s stand, visitors can enter the Expo Zone for free.

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“Polite” robber with a note steals 300,000 baht from Chonburi gold shop

A robber was described as polite in the Thai media after he apologized for holding up a gold shop in Chonburi. 

He even requested that he could make his getaway before the police were called.

But a chilling note and the use of a gun left staff and the owner of the Yaowarat branch at Nong Chak market in shock. 

The man wearing a white Nike cap and surgical mask walked into the shop and handed over a note in Thai that said:

“Don’t make a noise. Put the gold and cash in the bag. The gold belongs to the shop. Your life is yours. There is no need to get killed”. 

He was holding a gun and staff complied by putting 14 baht weight (about 300,000 baht’s worth) of gold jewelry in a plastic bag. 

Before he left the shop he said: “I’m sorry but I need to do this. Let me get away before you call the police”. 

Ban Bung police are investigating after the robbery yesterday evening. 

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Pattaya: Russian tourists robbed in midnight attack at knife point

Ruk Siam News reported on Facebook that a Russian couple had been robbed at knife point by two men in a black pick-up with no plates. 

The Russians told Pol Maj Saijai Khamjunla that they had been walking back to the Laguna Beach hotel in Thepprasit Soi 17 when they were confronted by two men. 

The husband resisted but armed with a knife they grabbed a shoulder bag and attempted to drive off. 

The Russian managed to grab hold of a wing mirror that was damaged as the assailants escaped into the night after the attack at 12.30 am on Wednesday.   

The bag contained only a phone and a few documents.

A patrol was sent to the area and CCTV is being studied to get a lead in the case. 

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Friends hold birthday party at funeral of “pretty” who died mysteriously

Thailand remained transfixed by the case of Thitima Naraphanphiphat – a drinks hostess or “pretty” who died mysteriously after a party in Bang Bua Thong on Tuesday. 

Thitima, 25, – also known as Lallabel or “Bell” – was found dead on a sofa in the lobby of a condominium near the Talat Phlu BTS station. 

CCTV footage on the Sanook site showed her being carried there from the lift by a man called “Nam Un”. 

Yesterday evening at her funeral rites at Wat Sakae Ngam in Bang Khun Thian friends held a birthday tribute with a cake for Bell who would have been 26.

Friend Sasilaksana, 27, said she was a diligent and lovely woman and she had no indication that anything was wrong. 

Mother Suphamas said she had not heard anything from Nam Un though his father had been in touch to express his condolences saying he would attend the rites. 

“What am I to think?” she told reporters. She said that she hoped her daughter would be born again and again to her in subsequent lives. 

Results of an autopsy at Chulalongkorn Hospital have yet to be announced amid continuing speculation about why Bell died. 

She had been working as a hostess at the drinks party before being found dead at the condominium on the other side of Bangkok. 

The man who carried her out of the lift onto the sofa in the lobby has been described as a “Pretty Boy” in the Thai media. 

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