British Council showcases British innovations in Thailand

Interesting innovations from the UK are being showcased in Thailand, including a sensory testing room for food evaluation and eye tracking glasses to understand human behavior. They are now on display for interested persons in Thailand to inspect.

This is a sensory testing room designed to evaluate the visual, taste, and smell of food according to a food sensory standard from the UK. This room is one of many innovations showcased in a Thai roadshow by the British Council.

The room is designed to be completely sealed from outside distractions which may affect food evaluation. Testers, who will be testing food in this room, will have to follow instructions in a questionnaire that can detect the tester’s perception of the food.

Another innovative highlight is eye tracking glasses, a device invented to learn more about human vision and reaction to computers and other objects.

The glasses can detect what the wearer is looking at and focusing on, allowing for deeper analysis of human behavior. The device can also detect subconscious-level reactions, tracking data accuracy, and analyzing eye viewing ability in real time.


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Pattaya: Myanmar woman claims police extortion

A 28 year old woman from Myanmar has gone to the Pattaya police suggesting one of them ripped her off.

Duragar, said that she was contacted by phone by a man who said he was a policeman who said that he could “sort out” the problem of two friends of hers who were being held at the police station. 

He asked for 15,000 baht to “make the problem go away” and she bargained him down to 12,000. 

She met him behind a department store near the police station where she handed over the money and two phones worth 30,000 baht that belonged to her compatriots who were being held. 

Several hours later she went to the police station and was told that it was not possible to release her friends and they would continue to be held. 

Thereafter she could not contact the man claiming to be a police officer. 

Sophon Cable TV reported that the lady was in floods of tears talking about how she had come to Thailand to work only to be ripped off like this. 

The report did not mention anywhere about it being illegal to attempt to bribe a police officer. 

The police filed her report and promised to investigate and bring the full force of the law down on the person responsible. 

Thai Visa /  Sophon Cable TV

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Price-cutting not on agenda as THAI seeks turnaround in fortunes

National flagship carrier Thai Airways International (THAI) will avoid a heavy price-cutting strategy to be competitive next year but will instead focus on building a solid customer base and tap specific segments, airline president Sumeth Damrongchaitham said.

The carrier will continue to recruit stronger marketing partners, he added.

He estimated that the aviation industry would continue to experience intense competition next year.

THAI will continue with its transformation plan next year, which includes focusing on earning ancillary revenue, creating satisfactory customer experiences and effective human resource management.

THAI will cooperate with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to hold a joint marketing campaign in order to boost in-bound tourism and increase national revenue.

Sumeth said that currently several negative factors were impacting the aviation industry and affecting business operations, which had caused several airlines to cease operations. Airlines are incurring losses as a result of the world economic situation, the aggressive and intense competition, technological disruption and political unrest across the globe. THAI was also affected by the continually strengthening baht, he said.

THAI and its subsidiaries reported a total revenue of Bt45.016 billion for the third quarter of 2019, down 6.1 per cent year on year. THAI and its subsidiaries reported a net loss of Bt4.680 billion for the third quarter.

THAI has continued to implement cost cutting measures, such as postponement of unnecessary investments, work reprocessing to reduce expenditure and improve work quality, as well as reduction in employee benefits of management and staff.

THAI has implemented a personalised approach to target customer groups with emphasis on creating ancillary revenue. During the first nine months of 2019 (January to September), THAI earned Bt4.604.17 billion in ancillary revenue.

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Prayut wins vote of confidence from majority of Thais: Super Poll

The majority of Thai people have expressed confidence in the government of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha, according to a survey by Super Poll Research Centre.

Only 7.3 per cent said they were not happy with the country’s current situation, said Asst Prof Noppadon Kannika, director of the centre.

Noppadon said the poll on the Thai confidence index used quantitative and qualitative research techniques after surveying 1,197 Thais from all regions and a range of professions.

The data was collected from November 10-15 and has been analysed to create the confidence index in which a number above 100 reflects positive confidence while a number below 100 represents lack of confidence.

The three works for which the Prayut government received the highest confidence scores were national security and peacekeeping (175.47), currency strength (160.95) and public banks’ services (154.84), followed by public health (150.92), education (145.18), energy (141.40), employment rate (114.50) and economic stimulation (103.96).

However, the aspect that chalked up a negative confidence score of 95.81 was personal finance, regarding how well the government can increase money in people’s pockets.

One of the interesting topics explored by the survey was “happiness level”. Some 66.6 per cent of respondents said they were happy with the country’s current situation, 26.1 per cent said that their happiness level was neutral, and 7.3 per cent said they were not happy. The factors affecting the “unhappy group” included health issues, personal finance problems, unemployment and economic recession.

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Thailand ranks sixth on world’s strongest health security list

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have ranked Thailand sixth among a total of 195 countries with the world’s strongest health security, Asia’s No. 1 and the only developing country in the Top 10.

Deputy Prime Minister/Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said today that Johns Hopkins University researchers presented their research during a conference at the Office of the Permanent Mission of the Netherlands to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium on November 13, 2019.

Thailand scored 73.2 out of 100 points. Thailand has been recognized as having the highest level of preparedness to cope with epidemics among 13 countries.

The conference focused on the strategic roles of a working committee in the steering of the world’s health security between 2019 and 2024. The meeting resolved to have Thailand host the ministerial-level Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) in 2020 and to chair a working committee on the steering of GHSA in 2021. GHSA has operated since 2014, to upgrade measures for alert responses to epidemics, and currently consists of 60 member countries.


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Bangkok: Jealous Thai husband stabs two timing wife to death

Phrakhanong police and rescue services were called to a soi near the expressway last night after a member of the public made a citizen’s arrest following a murder. 

At the scene they found 41 year old Wandee dead from multiple stab wounds. 

Her motorcycle was overturned and her bloodstained helmet was nearby. 

Her husband was detained by the member of the public; Itakkhee, 43, had used a five inch folding knife. 

The police said that Wandee had been seeing a fellow employee at a shipping company in Klong Toei and her husband found out about the affair. 

In a rage he waited for her and stabbed her to death.

Thai Visa /  Thai Rath

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Improved and faster public taxi service promised at Suvarnabhumi by year’s end

Authorities at Bangkok’s main airport Suvarnabhumi have promised an improved and faster taxi service on the first floor of the airport. 

Refurbishment and replacement work will take place until December 29th between doors 4 and 7.

Twelve new machines will be installed to replace the ten old ones at what Thai media 77kaoded called the “Taxi Kiosk”.

Under road sensors will also be replaced in batches of eight. This will mean some disruption in two shifts between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm and midnight and 7am. 

The sensors are used to automatically alert when cars leave the area so that a replacement can come forward. 

Director Sutherawat Suwannawat said that this will speed things up when the work is completed.

A sign says “sorry for the inconvenience” but notes that taxi service remains uninterrupted throughout the refurbishment period. 

Thai Visa / 77kaoded

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Thanks YouTube! Young husband delivers twins with a bit of online help

A 22 year old Thai man found out what to do when his wife went into labor. 

He logged onto YouTube! He grabbed a kitchen knife, quickly sterilized it and cut the umbilical cords of his baby twin girls.  The mother, also 22, and the very cute newly arrived offspring are all doing fine.  The drama started at the Lopburi house of phoo yai ban assistant Sirirat where her relatives Duanghathai or Dew and Donlarit or Dear from Nakhon Sawan were staying with her. It was late Friday night when Dew started experiencing pains that she thought were stomach related. She went to the loo and things abated then the pains returned.  Soon she delivered a baby girl. She thought that was the end of it but it wasn’t – another little girl popped out.  

Husband Dear didn’t want to bother the houseowner who was sick and he hadn’t a single baht so he went on YouTube to find out what to do next.  He used boiling water to sterilize the kitchen knife and set to work cutting the umbilical cords.  Dew lost a lot of blood but has now started to recover thanks to more recognized medical assistance.  

The newborns – elder Kochanipha and younger Kenika – are happy as can be and doing fine.  

Thai Visa /  77kaoded

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Dats and Cogs??!! Thai woman in Sakon Nakhon claims her chihuahua had his way with her cat producing offspring

A Thai pet owner is convinced that her pet chihuahua – who she saw having his wicked way with her pet cat – has fathered offspring. 

It is not known if they should be called “dats” or “cogs” or even “dittens” or “cuppies”. 

Warunee, 30, in a village in Sakon Nakhon in Thailand’s north east said she had raised her one year and four month old chihuahua called Chaoguay and her Thai breed cat Lot Chong, 1, since birth. 

Soon they struck up a close relationship and started going everywhere around her house together. 

They were inseparable…literally.

One day she witnessed a bizarre “reverse coupling” before the dog and cat were parted from their romantic endeavors. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Warunee, when Lot Chong fell pregnant. She didn’t believe it was possible for dogs and cats to have offspring at first but she said that her pets never got out to play the field.. 

They were home loving pets who were far more interested in each other than “playing away”. 

Then came, for Warunee and the villagers at least, proof that dogs and cats could procreate. 

Four animals were born that shared the colors of the feline and canine parents. 

Then the definitive proof…..Warunee won the two digit lottery on October 16th with the numbers “15” – the birth had taken place the previous day. 

Sanook thought they had better ask a vet for his opinion. 

Wisut Ua-kingpetch said no way could a cat and a dog produce offspring. They were just two far apart on the evolutionary tree. 

Some species could, he said, but not a Thai cat and a chihuahua – that would be taking Tex-Mex too far. 

Thaivisa notes that some animals are given interesting names after successful matings – these include tiglons and ligers in the world of big cats and the interesting zebrass in the equine field. 


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It’s official: American who escaped from Pattaya court is dead

The American drug suspect who was involved in the dramatic escape from a Pattaya court last week has been pronounced dead.  

The confirmation came from the Sa Kaeo Crown Prince Hospital that Bart Allen Helmus died at 6 pm last night. He had been in a coma on a respirator and had been unresponsive since last week when he was erroneously reported as having died in the Thai media.

The 39 year old shot himself as police closed in on him and his wife on Wednesday last week following their breakout with a Thai man the previous Monday. Local police in Sa Kaeo had mounted a bedside guard that changed every eight hours and appealed through the US Embassy for relatives to come forward.  

Thai Visa /  77kaoded

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